Malawi bids farewell to Fisp Programme

Saulos Chilima

Malawi's Ministry of Agriculture has parted ways with the Farm Input Fertilizer Subsidy; taking its place is the Affordable Input programme.

Announcing the policy  said shift Minister responsible Lobin Lowet said the programme will cover all smallholder farming households in Malawi, who are estimated at 4,279,100.

"My Ministry is now cleaning-up the database and making sure that correct National Identification numbers are entered against the right farming household heads.

"My appeal to all smallholder farmers with faulty IDs is that they should rectify the problem with Field Extension workers before commencement of the programme," he said. 

Robin Lowe
Lowe: We're cleaning up the database

Each smallholder farmer will be entitled to access one 50kg bag of Urea, one 50kg bag of 23:10:5+6S+1.0Zn (NPK).

"This therefore, translates that a total of 213,955 metric tonnes of Urea, 213,955 metric tonnes of NPK and 21,396 metric tonnes of maize seed will be accessed by 
smallholder farmers," he said.

Lowe said Farmers will be buying one 50kg bag of either urea or NPK at 
MK4,495.00 and a maize seed pack at MK2,000.00.

The cheap fertiliser was a campaign promise of the Tonse Alliance

The Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP) in Malawi was introduced in 2005/2006 agricultural season, following severe food shortages in 2004/05. It had initial successes but its impact in later years was questioned.