MaBlacks mule over changing Matafale's memorial month

Evison Matafale pic by Sam Banda Jnr

Malawi’s reggae outfit The Black Missionaries says it is contemplating on changing the dates for the Evison Matafale memorial held every year in November to invoke the spirit of their dead leader following three consecutive years of the show encountering heavy rains.

This year's heavy downpour led to a number of patrons staying home while others braved it.

What is usually one of the biggest shows in the country has turned out to be an upset for the fans as most of the artists billed to perform fail to make it on stage or they are cut off to avoid sound equipment being soaked in rain.

Blacks Missionaries band leader Anjiru Fumulani disclosed they are looking at ringing in the changes signaling August and October as the proposed months.

Celebrated media personality who now resides in the United States Jean Chalungama concurred with Fumulani saying they need to change the month.

This happens nearly every year.

However, one of the patrons who has graced the memorial for a good number of years but failed to attend this year due to the rains said the idea of changing the months is not practical and might not sit well with devout Matafale fans.

Evison Memorial show pictures by Sam Banda Jnr
A cross section of Evison Matafale memorial fans endure the rain: Pictures courtesy of Sam Banda Jnr

“Shifting the dates is a very good idea, but personally, I feel it is impractical to have the memorial shifted backwards. How do you remember someone before the day he died? Yes, some people patronise the show to remember Matafale, but others just go for fun. It would therefore be unfair to those that truly go for remembrance before November. I wish the dates could be shifted upwards and not backwards,” she said.

Matafale is regarded by some as Malawi’s own Bob Marley or Peter Tosh as he stood up against oppression and ignited the fire for Rastafarian music in Malawi

He died on 27th November in police custody and was laid to rest on the 28th of November, 2002.

Efforts to bring out the truth over the years has over the years taken different turns. People still have unanswered questions and the memorial is part of invoking his memory.