Meet the designers to showcase at Mzuzu Fashion week


Mzuzu Fashion Week (MzFW) is upon us and we take time to give insights into the designer who will be showcasing this year.

Being its fifth year MzFW brings together designers from across the country and neighbouring countries for four days filled with fashion and fun.

The main runway events will take place on the Friday and Saturday evening at the intimate Italian restaurant and camp hidden in the hills of Mzuzu – Macondo Camp. The event promises to provide a luxury and exclusive experience for both participants and audiences coming to revel in Malawi’s finest fashion.

Over the main two evenings of runway shows designers will be showcasing their new collections. Feature designers include:


Designers: Maggie Chimtengo & Owen Mwenye

Location: Lilongwe.

Their story began in February 2019. Then they were only customizing T-Shirts, Hoodies under the brand name KB_Wear, which still existS. Today Mawen Designs offers quality and affordable tailoring and designing services. It’s located in Lilongwe but operates in different cities in Malawi. Their mission is to offer quality and affordable products and services. Mawen Designs deals with different types of products such as clothes, bags, shoes etc and services such as modelling, charity work just to mention a few.


Designer: Niyya Musinseni

Location: Mzuzu

Ndambiche Designs is a brand that covers modest but yet stylish kind of clothing. The clothing is to keep the one wearing it feeling comfortable and gorgeous at the same time. Ndambiche was Musinseni's grandmother’s name and she was a very modest woman but still kept her style on point . She aspires to become one of the leading national designers at international level making cultural clothes that depict Africa’s warm heart and welcoming people. Also creating that nostalgia of what Africa’s clothing is all about.


Designer: Tadala Kancha

Location: Blantyre

Tadala has always had a passion for fashion growing up, she first studied Fashion & Design at Kings and Angels in 2015. Her brand Phyllis64 was established in 2018. The inspiration behind the brand lies in her late mum who used to make clothes hand sewn clothing and when she passed away she felt like she should keep her legacy alive.


Designer: Agness Maliana

Location: Mzuzu

Agness is a 21 year old up and coming designer based in Mzuzu. She discovered her interest in fashion in 2012 when she started sketching and hand sewing clothing. In 2017 she embarked on her studies in Fashion & Design at Phwezi Technical College. She established her brand in 2018 and opened her studio in Mzuzu’s main market. She specialises in men’s, women’s, children’s wear and accessories. This will be her first showcase as an established brand.


Designer: Abiot Malawa

Location: Zimbabwe

Nandi is an award winning progressive fashion house, looking to change and enlighten the way people think about dressing and looking glamorous. Abiot started designing in Grade 6 he then proceeded to do a Diploma in Clothing Technology in 1999. It will be his third showcase in Malawi at Mzuzu Fashion Week as he works on expanding his brand across the continent.