Abatiya gears to release ‘Size Yomweyi’ featuring Joe Kellz


Lilongwe based rapper Abatiya is set to release the banger ‘Size Yomweyi’ featuring Joe Kellz also known as JP in Zathu pa Wailesi drama.

‘Size Yomweyi’ is Abatiya's comeback hit after taking a break to focus on his studies.

"I had to take a break to focus on my education. I have just written my level 2 ICT exams hence I wanna come back with more music this year.

"I want everyone in Malawi and beyond borders to know that Abatiya still exists and working on a new album and more music videos. After ‘Size Yomweyi’ I have ‘Kilimu’ coming on the way."

Abatiya real name Lanno Chiipira shot to fame with the release of ‘Pizza si zigege’ mixtape in 2017.

He later released ‘Kumaipatsa moto’ audio and video in 2018.

‘Size Yomweyi’ is a dance love song produced by Trim-X of Universe 46 studio and Mafuno of Loto Records.

"The song is talking about people who are in love and are enjoying the presence of each other and they wanna Keep it the same level until forever," Abatiya said.

Abatiya further reveals working on a new album in 2020.