Activist pens 'Young Woman's Survival Kit'

The book cover

In the light of recent events on the different kinds of abuse women in the Malawi continue to face, activists in the country continue to take a strong stand against perpetrators of these crimes.

Releasing a book in line with the current situation that has seen rape cases and gender based violence cases surge, author Jessica Dalitso Mandanda has titled it 'Young woman’s Survival Kit’.

Mandanda said the book draws its inspiration on her personal experience and that of other young women in her circle on trials and tribulations, the ups and downs of life’s journey.

Jessica Mandanda
Mandanda: It is a better way to share stories

The realisation that these experiences are common experiences are what compelled her to share these stories through the book.

“I figured it is probably not just us in our circle going through this, so what a better way to share the stories that through writing,” she said.

She further explained her book tackles one of the most controversial issue at the moment which is women having freedom over their bodies regardless of societal expectations.

“I wanted to emphasise on the need of support systems as well as our need to free ourselves from all the attached expectations from the society," Mandanda said.

Commenting on the surge of rape and defilement cases as well as other form of abuse, Mandanda who is also country coordinator for International Youth Alliance for Family Planning (IYAFP) expressed her disappointment, anger and hurt over the increase in numbers pointing out the country has been fighting this battle for so long.

“People still do not understand consent and that women’s and girl’s bodies are not grounds for violence," she said.

Mandanda has since called upon those that have not played their part in different forms of abuse against women to make an effort towards the fight and stop being roadblocks for those that are putting in work. 

“At this point, no one has a reason to be ignorant about these very urgent issues” she said. “They need to get out of our way so we can get the work done and protect women and girls,” she added.

Mandanda who was a panelist on the abortion debate on Zodiak has tackled importance of solid friendship as well as confidence alongside the theme of freedom.

The book has been currently shared online through a link with a possible expansion of hard copies in the near future.