Beyond 16 days of activism: WONA releases 'Pulika'


In an effort to continue raising awareness against gender-based violence beyond the 16 days of activism, WONA collective is set to release their Extended Play (EP) for streaming right.

Following the surge in cases of gender- based violence and forms of abuses against young girls and women, WONA collective this year partnered with Nyali music and the Dream Manifest to produce an EP to tell stories of survivors and to raise awareness on the matter.

According to the co-founder of WONA Collective, Alinafe Malonje, the EP which has four songs, was produced to act as a platform for expression, inspiration and encouragement during and beyond the 16 days of activism. 

“All the songs are meant to allow victims to hear from survivors and get inspired to speak out and heal,” said Malonje.


             Wona Collective co-founder Alinafe Malonje and Lerato Honde. Photo courtesy of Malonje

She pointed out that male artists were engaged in the project to reach out to other men to not keep quiet about other men who are the primary perpetrators and culprits of these injustices are men.

“We thought it wise to engage male artists so that they could appeal to other men.

“We want the men to not protect the abuse but to report the cases," said Malonje.

Angel Mbekeani, popularly known as Sangie in the music circles emphasised on the importance of collaborative efforts in the light of the rise in cases of gender-based violence in the country.

“Its everyone’s responsibility to take part in fighting against any forms of gender-based violence especially after the cases surfacing so far,” she said.

During the 16 days of activism, three songs were released alongside interviews of the 11 artists namely Eli Njuchi, Esther Lewis, KBG, Kupa, Luki, Mazani, Miriam Nkosi, Nandi, Nyago, Praise Umali, Sangie and Suffix who were hand-picked to be part of the project. The three songs Set Me free, Here for You and Worthy, the last song out of the EP “Pulika” has been put out today. 

Wona Collective founded by Malonje and Honde in 2019 had its debut poetry collection project against gender-based violence in the same year. It exists to to create content that centers on the lived experiences of women and marginalized groups and to bring together artists in an effort to encourage collaborative projects.