'Book of Z' musician appeals for COVID-19 relief

Eli Njuchi

Young Malawi award winning singer and songwriter, Eli Njuchi has joined the fray of local musicians, appealing to the new government to support the local music industry for a bail out from the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In an interview, the Blantyre-based musician said he was set to drop his debut music collection titled 'The book of Z' with his newly set up band called the Hive at Barbecues in Blantyre but everything came to stand still due to COVID-19 scare.

He urged government to follow the example of the football fraternity which has implemented measures to cushion players from the effects of the pandemic.

Eli Njuchi
Njuchi: Things are not working out

“Things aren’t working now and the situation is getting worse for the local musicians. We thought we would re-build our talent by now but the restrictions due to COVID -19 pandemic are still being imposed following the increasing cases,” Njuchi complained.

“We were probably not ready for such situation but we have to put our heads up and focus in finding solutions in this pandemic.”
Eli said he decided to name His Extended play(EP) 'The book of Z' because all the songs in the collection had stories that started with the letter ‘Z’ and was very personal to him.
The songs in the EP are stories of hard work and self-belief that he believes are key to one’s success in life.

Off the EP, Eli Njuchi has already released Zithete and Zitaye.
According to Njuchi, he is working on a new album but not certain when it will be released due to covid-19 pandemic escalating levels.
The youthful singer also noted that inability to make digital sales as a challenge to many local musicians.