Classick to drop three songs, features Gwamba


Hip Hop artist Classick is set to drop three songs as giveaways today Monday 23rd November. 

The songs will be released through Joy Nathu's Made on Monday on Radio 2 as he will be live in an exclusive interview. 

Classick who is also known as KS legend has reach so many of souls with his pen and delivery.

The compilation has songs like Sin City featuring F5ver which will be out for free and it is produced by Gabby. 

Posting on his social media accounts Classick described: “Why the same for a different result? Trapped with our demons, we tend to go back to what made us fall. This song is to help us know that this is normal but getting back up should always be our only option."

Detailing the second song titled 'Water' Classick said: "Water is good for your health! Water is life. We need that holy water to stay alive spiritually.
'Water' features Achina Ghatta and Gwamba.

The third song 'Drive' he said: "Real King runs their own race! It's easy to feel like you not moving, when you busy comparing yourself to other people's moves. Do you King."

Earlier this year, he dropped a Pisces Extended Playlist which has popular songs like 'Connect' featuring Purple C and Run Away' featuring Brenda Aziz.

Recently, social media was excited and crazy at the same time as Hayze Engolah posted on his handles that he was in studio with Classick after a break which seem like the come back of Homegrown Africa.

Classick has been nominated in Malawi Hiphop Awards in Lyricist of The Year and Verse of The Year (Run Away featuring Brenda) categories which will be slatted on 28th November, 2020.