Dan Lu hits back at critics on 'Mukabadwe kasanu'

Dan Lu and girlfriend

Politics and arts are intertwined but taking one’s stand has always proven to be divisive for artists.

One such artist is Dan Lu rieal name Daniel Lufani whose association with Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has seen him being subjected to insults from people who think he should not have gotten involved.

He is not the first, Soldier Lucius Banda also faced the worst after being in United Democratic Front (UDF), then moving to UTM Party and producing probably some  of the best politically enticing songs ever in the country.

Soldier is not to be taken lightly as the legend he has one of the meanest clap backs on social media.

Recently Phungu Joseph Nkasa faced the wrath of the people when he released a song demystifying the demonstration and calling them what they partly were-destructive.

A lot of people took offense and for Dan Lu he decided enough is enough, time to give the people his piece with the scanting new song titled Mukabadwe kasanu’

Biblical as it sounds, he also uses the examples of the famous stories of Joseph who was sold by his brother but later became the most important person.

Dan Lu

Dan Lu as a well-known figure in society has had his fair share of public scrutiny into his numerous accounts with women.

The latest, circulating around being people questioning how we could have afforded to buy his latest girlfriend a BMW.

The heat started when Dan Lu and his girlfriend Katarina posted a photos of her standing next to a BMW reportedly bought by the musician for her birthday. and social media accountants went to the books to find out he doesn’t have the cash.