'Daredevils For Life' album comes to life

GD and Marcus (Daredevils)

The wait for the most anticipated Hip Hop album is over as Daredevils have announced their album is finally done.

Our entertainment desk broke the news the blood brothers of the rap duo were in studio working on their leaked album ‘Welcome to the Darkside’ and numerous broken promises over the years.

We can confirm that 28th August, 2020 will be the day of the release.

Titled ‘Daredevils For Life’ the concepts are a reflection on their lives: "What we've been through... Where we are and where we want to be," they told us earlier.

Official artwork for 'Daredevils for Life' album

Currently the track list is not out and when we caught up with one half of the duo Graiton ‘GD’ Pasanje he said it will put be out the in due course.

“We want to tell the story behind every single track as we put out the track list,” he pointed out.

Speaking of the changes they have had to experience in creating ‘Daredevils For Life’ after the masterpiece of ‘Welcome to the Darkside’ GD said: “When Welcome to the Darkside dropped...social media wasn't as popular so in terms of marketing there is that.

Marcus and GD at COM
Fans embrace Daredevils', Marcus and GD at Carlsberg show at College of Medicine

“As far as the creative process is concerned not much has changed except may be we have less time on our hands to create and experience has given us more content and delivery style.”

GD acknowledged the coronavirus pandemic is a set back saying every decision they are taking is centered around protecting family and loved ones: “Will probably go digital with it...Just do it live on Facebook maybe because the Corona ain't nothing to play with like the Wu [Wu Tang].

Pre orders and Hashtag

Daredevils has always been original to their works but have also never run away from having other voices and on the new album they have Nepman and a few other vocalists excluding rappers.

GD explained the exclusion is not that they are afraid of competition but cited they have been doing collaborations and on this project, they want to tell a specific story from first verse to hook to last verse and features might get in the way.

Over the years they have faced criticism for now shooting visuals and this time around GD  “Videos are a must...we will definitely shoot videos."

GD said they just want to thank fans for the support they have rendered through out the years and called for more support as they move forward.