Eli Njuchi to launch ‘Book of Z’ album December 13, talks consistency

Eli Njuchi

Budding reggae dancehall artist Eli Njuchi is the talk of town for his brilliant lyrics and relatable messages which have turned him into an overnight sensation.

His debut album will officially be launched December 13 at Robin's Park in Blantyre after failing to do so earlier this year due to COVID-19. 

Monday, November 23, the ‘Zitaye’ star puts out a visual for his new song ‘Honest’.

In an interview regarding his album release Eli Njuchi described it as: “A book Of my life, things that I have gotten to see, think, go through and most definitely what many of us do go through out there. It’s about life, everything that is in it.”

“The launch itself is a stepping stone in telling my story. It’s a gift to myself, I will always live to be proud of this moment.”

He explained he just wants people to enjoy it and follow the stories of his life and how we meet in the music and lyrics.

“My expectations are not over just being grateful that I can share this body of art with the amazing people that support my music.” 

Eli Njuchi has been touted one of the best young dance hall artist to ever come up and he pointed out the audience should expect a lot of fun and musical stories.

“I just want to keep learning on how best I can deliver my art to my support systems 

Production credits for the album go to a whole list of young and old guards in the industry. “We have works from Sispence, AB Malinga, Israel Chinga, Chawa, and many more that will reveal as we go.” 

Apart from Blantyre there will be a tour for Lilongwe and Mzuzo which he said people should look out. So far, he said the preparations are going on well describing it is actually humbling and its the motivation to keep pushing.

Staying relevant in an industry where every day music is being put out and new artists emergent is a challenge but Eli Njuchi disclosed: “I think this is more about allowing myself to express myself through music than trying to impress people. I believe that’s key to consistency plus the fear of God.”

According the flyer going around on social media those who purchase VIP tickets will get a CD, explaining the concept Eli Njuchi said it is pretty much allowing them to have a VIP experience apart from just paying more. “It’s more to do with value for their money.”