Eli Njuchi’s ‘Ma Ine’ a treasure for mothers

Eli Njuchi

Consistency is key to becoming great and Eli Njuchi just showed what he is worth when he incorporated mothers of his fans in his new video ‘Ma ine’.

The visuals came out on Mothers day as a tribute for all the mothers in the world.

Alinafe Gama, one of those featured in the video commenting on seeing her mother said: “This made me super emotional. I will have this for a lifetime. Thank you for doing this for our mothers. You are a kind soul.”

Award winning graphic designer Happy Bakolo was thrilled to see his mother: “Goosebumps when I saw a picture of me and my mother, I love this woman so much♥️thank you Eli.”

Panji Harawa could not believe what she was seeing and had to say: “I didn't know this CHAP is this super talented."

Felix Mgombo said he will treasure the video as long as he lives: “Thanks Eli for this tune. The video's dope. Umma keep this video till I die!

The video was shot and directed by Viny Visuals. The song details what mothers go through to raise a child.