'Fatsani' hits the screens April 2021


The anxiety among fun lovers will soon settle following the announcement that the movie 'Fatsani' will be out on 30th April 2021 at the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC).

Movie Director Gift Sukez Sukali stated it will be a red carpet Very Important Persons (VIP) event and will offer the first cinema experience in Malawi as high quality cameras were used and it will later be beamed internationally.

An Erick Chang collaboration, he explained that it will provide a good treat to all Malawians as it has the best production and promises patrons value for their money.

International and local VIPs are expected to grace the premiere and more details will be communicated accordingly.

It was expected to be launched in September this year, but the elections and Coronavirus made them shift some shooting dates hence contributed to the delay.

Sukez is nonetheless over the moon the movie will be out in April next year.

Sukez: COVID and elections affected shooting of 'Fatsani'

 “As you are aware so many things happened especially COVID-19 which has hindered a lot of progress in terms of production as well as limitation in gatherings and as I said we are looking at international guests to be able to come to this event. So we thought it wise that if we put it next year April 2021; we’ll be able to cater all this plan which we have this amazing thing” Sukez said.

He described the 18 months of production as a learning process.

The renowned producer pointed out that having done their part, he is upbeat the public will take pride in the production.

Sam Kabambe captured during the briefing

Shot in Lilongwe, 'Fatsani' is a film depicting the life of a girl child forced to go to the market to sell merchandise when her school was closed due to corruption.

Along the way, she faced different forms of abuse from people who were supposed to protect her, but with time she stood up and expressed herself against the exploitation and became the hero in the movie.

Production of the movie started in October 2019 and finished in June 2020.

Among other setbacks during the production were funding challenges and the involvement of actors who did not have experience in international movies.

It will be taken to communities in Malawi from Nsanje to Chitipa through road shows and be beamed in communities and trading centres and there is an expectation it will inspire the necessary change among the public.

More than K40 million has been spent during the first phase but they are still incurring expenses for promotion marketing, distribution and other activities to be undertaken.

Chichewa is the primary language audience used in the film with English subtitles for the rest of the world.

It features Joyce Mhango as one of the leading actors