Fredokiss hits back at haters

  • Addresses Martse poking fun at his parliamentary election loss

Sounding well composed, grown, wiser and in a good space, Fredokiss aka Tchana in music circles has responded to friend turned foe Martse on ‘Dadada’.

After an apparent silence from the rapper and fans losing faith that he might not actually retaliate to the unsubtle shots on Martes’s ‘Adidas’ Fredokiss has finally hit back acknowledging he took a few Left turns.

Most notable is his failure to win a parliamentary seat in Blantyre losing to Noel Lipipa. Fredo  has always maintained he was robbed of his victory.

This was the biggest shot on the song ‘Adidas’ as Martse chimed that he (Fredokiss) calls himself 'Tchana' (Ghetto boy) but was rejected by the same ghetto.

Fredokiss raps: “Took a few L's but I'm holding on, I was raised in the ghetto well I call it home/

He also takes what are apparent shots on Phyzix who did the song ‘NoniNoni’ rapping: "Blood on my spear uli noninoni, ending it with a sarcastic laugh."

Fredokiss in the song says he is not moved by all the diss and hatred coming his way as he is just flexing.

He talks about choosing making money and raising his daughter over his haters: "So let me address you together/I gotta choose you or the paper/."

In the other line he goes “Social media ikhale mboni/Bank account so ikhale mboni/

Known for his sarcasm since the times of Jolly Bro’s Fredokiss ends the song telling his haters who the cap fits let them wear it.

“Nyimbo iyiyi nde muona kuti mutani/Muzikambilana/kuti dedication ikhale yandani/Kaya neighbour, kaya ndani, musankhana/Koma mukhoza kugawana/Verse imodzi imodzi Bar imodzi imodzi.

Full lyrics of the song 'Dadada'