Is Fredokiss jumping the gun too fast


Hip Hop artist Fredokiss is celebrating his freedom following the Mzuzu Magistrate court discharging his case in which he was accused of “using fraudulent means to induce another person to vote for/against a particular candidate or party” contrary to Section 115(6) of the Parliamentary, Presidential Elections Act and Section 41 of the Political Parties Act.

Just after the ruling, Fredokiss, real name Penjani Kalua went into the studio to get things off his chest on ‘Mukanene’.

In the song he goes off, saying he was betrayed but like dogs they dug the ground, put him in jail, but he is ok.

He spits: [You can report him to MRA (the revenue collecting body) about how he got paid because as he put it, he hustles every day.

Fredokiss has always equated himself to the Malawian version of 2Pac the rap legend and on the song, he calls himself Malawi’s most wanted and laughs.

He brings out some of the most famous people from the Bible who were arrested like Joseph, Jesus Christ and modern-day heros like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther, Steve Biko, Orton Chirwa, Kamuzu Banda with him on the list.

As a youth champion Fredokiss has had love from the ghetto masses and on the song, he encourages those who are in lock up to keep their head high and pray for better days.

His case, however is not done and dusted; the ruling gave the State one year as it asked for more time to come up with tangible evidence despite telling the court they have eight witnesses.

Fredokiss and accomplices walk to temporary freedom

In essence, Fredokiss is not off the hook because anytime the State finds its evidence he will be back in court.

Other sectors have argued; if the State failed to produce tangible witnesses then, how will they be able to come up with witnesses after a year, it is just a matter of trying to keep him in their lockjaws.

So, is Fredokiss jumping the gun too fast by declaring himself a free man?