Fredokiss temporarily off the hook, says he's not bitter with Police

  • Court grants State one year to come up with substantial evidence

Hip Hop artist Fredokiss, real name Penjani Kalua says he is not bitter with Malawi Police Service for dragging his name into the mud after they accused him of contravening electoral laws.

Fredokiss walked out of Mzuzu Magistrate court temporarily a free man after Chief Resident Magistrate Gladys Gondwe discharged the case on Wednesday.

The State withdrew the charge of handing out money during the Fresh Presidential election in June, 2020.

Gondwe granted the State one year to come up with the material evidence they are asking for after they failed to parade their eight witnesses.

"Police officers are also human beings they make mistakes and I am not bitter it's just the system," Fredokiss after the verdict.

He expressed satisfaction saying justice is being served.

The 'DaDaDa' star pleaded not guilty to charge of “using fraudulent means to induce another person to vote for/against a particular candidate or party” contrary to Section 115(6) of the PPEA and Section 41 of the Political Parties Act.

The State asked the court for more time to investigate as it needed more evidence.

Earlier the State said it would parade eight witnesses but failed.