Fredokiss tries to clear his name after arrest


Hip Hop artist Fredokiss Kalua has told the public his arrest during the fresh election was to protect him due to his 'Popularity Status' against backlash over his father Kamlepo Kalua.

The minister's family was embroilled in alleged attempts to cause trouble and interfere with the election process leading to suspects being reported and described as 'Ana a Kamlepo.'

Fredokiss acknowledged being in the district where he went to see his father but vehemently denied being in the area of the interference at Mlowe.

"On my way to Mlowe at Chiweta we met MDF officers who took us to Chiweta police station. The senior MDF Officer who came from Mzuzu emphasised we were not arrested but that with my popularity as an artist, my presence was likely to compromise the electoral process and that I was to stay away untill voting was closed. He also feared that there would be violence and him putting me away was for my own good," he said in a statement.

He explained he was moved from Chiweta to Rumphi police out of the Constituency. When the officer who reported the incidences from Mlowe came to Rumphi with his statements and report Fredo said the officer was surprised the artist was the one taken when he was not among those reported.

MDF taking Fredokiss away

"He spoke to me and confirmed the misinformation. I was released same morning on bail and I was charged with “MEC Violation”, he said.

Fredokiss in his statement said he is concerned with how the mainstream media reported the whole issue without facts from he and the police.

"We were never arrested for distributing money and this is not inline with my beliefs, principles and values. Mine is a case of mistaken identity," adding he felt the nation deserved some information on what actually transpired.

He then congratulated the incoming President His Excellency Chakwera and the coming in government.

"As a change agent, I hope for a better and changed Malawi. I hope your new government will bring in the change the majority of Malawians are looking for," he said.