Gwamba to drop Mlindo the Vocalist collab 'Yaz Abantu'

Gwamba, Mlindo
  • Covid or no Covid, Malawi Hip Hop Awards November 28

Gospel  Hip Hop act Gwamba has furnished fans with the title for his upcoming collaborative record with South African award winning artist Mlindo the Vocalist.

'Yaz Abathu' is expected to be released on Friday next week.

Gwamba has also been working on visuals to go along with the audio.

Recently, he was spotted in the rainbow nation shooting the video.

Earlier we announced Gwamba had collaborated with Mlindo following another hit song with South African rap artist Emtee 'Own Time'

It shows the 'Bola Kusache' artist is making strides to bring his name up in the SA music industry as such collaborative efforts will hit homebase of those big name stars.

In a related development, Malawi Hip Hop awards, a brainchild of Gwamba is set to announce nomination for it's first event.

Slated for November 28, 2020 to be held virtually on Rainbow TV, Facebook, Youtube and Zoom. 

There are 15 categories which will get 15 trophies and monetary value of K100,000  per category. 

Gwamba said: "Covid or no Covid," the show must go on.