Gwamba introduces Malawi Hip-Hop awards

Gwamba Duncan Zgambo

One of Malawi's top  hip-hop artists Gwamba has introduced an awards initiative dubbed ‘Malawi Hip-hop Awards’, as one way of promoting to motivating up-and-coming hip-hop artists and honoring the country’s hip-hop music.

Gwamba, real name  Duncan Zgambo confirmed the development in an Interview, saying that the programme is set to be launched in November this year.

“We are launching these awards in November this year hopefully after the COVID-19 crisis is over and my plan is to make this initiative to be an annual event,” Gwamba said.

The program for the initiative will include an award show competed for in 13 categories which include; male and female hip-hop artist of the year, song of the year, album of the year, collabo of the year, lyricist of the year, rookie of the year and producer of the year.


Gwamba and some of his music mates
Gwamba flanked by some of his music mates

There will be a fixed prize for the winners and patrons for the event will have the chance to vote for artist of their choice followed by professional judges.

“There will also be judges who will be chosen very carefully and these are people who follow Malawian hip-hop music and at the same time not affiliated to artists in a way that they can favour the artist, in this case it will be 50 percent votes and 50 percent judges,” he said.

One of the country’s hip-hop music followers, Davie Chikadza commented on Gwamba’s facebook page on the post of the introduction of Malawi Hip-hop Awards, saying that the initiative would help to promote up and coming hip-hop artists and the entire hip-hop music in the country.

“The initiative is brilliant idea and will help to promote the country’s hip-hop up and coming artists in a sense that they will work really hard to come up with the best music in order to win the awards.

In the same way, the program would also put Malawi on the map in as far as hip-hop music is concerned,” Chikadza said.