Gwamba targets 100,000 views in a week with Ntchentche video


Numbers can never be underestimated, they are important in the music business.

Downloads, streams, views have become part of the fabric as compared to the good old days when it was more about selling tapes or CDs.

Gwamba has always proven to be a boundary pusher with his music, take the switch from being a secular artist to gospel for instance; admitting he used to smoke even when he was a gospel artist and other issues that have tried to bog him down.

With his ‘Mama Said God First’ album launch going to Mzuzu where he plans to fill up Mzuzu stadium a new video titled 'Ntchentche' is out.

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The song has been released and is making waves on social media already and Gwamba said they are poised to hit 100,000 views on YouTube in just a week.

The video's figures were staggering at just over 1,000 views and growing when we published this story.

The gist about the song

The beat was made in 45 minutes by Henwood after getting a call from Gwamba.

AK and Spark the DJ are credited for ad libs and doing some Tumbuka on the outro of the song.

Black Falcon Bird did the mixing and mastering with Director Ubwino on the video shoot.