Journalist releases business investment book


Malawian journalist Alick Sichali has written a business book titled 'Khobidi Malawi, The Power of Investment'

The book is aimed at encouraging individuals to start investing by explaining its benefits and the whole investment journey.

It start with the basic knowledge of Investment, how to plan for any investment and rules associated with it.

'Khobidi Malawi, The Power of Investment' also highlights how to succeed in any investment. 

The book

In an interview Sichali said what motivated him to write the book was the gap which is there in terms of investment.

"As the title 'The Power of Investment' says i wanted to depict how important it is to individuals.

Sichali works with Ufulu FM, Liquid Visions Malawi and Owinna Soccer Malawi.

He writes business stories and sports.