Manganya will still be Manganya


Minister of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife Michael Usi who prior to his appointment was an actor under the name ‘Manganya’ has not stopped acting despite his day job.

Usi wrote the appointing authority President Lazarus Chakwera to ask him what his appointment meant to his acting career.

“I have not stopped acting,” he said disclosing whether or not he has dropped off the face of television.

“Soon after being appointed Minister of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife I wrote the President [Chakwera] to ask him if this was the end of the road for me as an actor? He sent word back with a resounding No. He said I can go ahead.

Usi understands and likes arts.

“Before the ministry I was an actor and it is something that I love and it would have been hard to stop,” Usi said.

Manganya in his usual dramatist self

The vibrant, humorous character of ‘Manganya’ or Bambo ake a Sikono is a household name credited for most Malawians been glued to their screens to watch episodes of 'Tikuferanji'.

He disclosed that he is working on episodes to address the novel pandemic COVID-19 with his usual actress and wife in movies Mai a Sikono.

“You will soon be seeing me on television with Mai a Sikono,” the actor cum politician said.

Mai a Sikono
Mai a Sikono and Manganya on set

He said actors are regarded as useless in Malawian society but he stressed, they have a bigger impact.

Usi joined politics as Vice President to UTM presidential running-mate Saulos Chilima. He had to step aside as the party went into an alliance with Malawi Congress Party (MCP).