Meet a Malawian female DJ defying odds in South Africa


South African based Malawian female Disk Jockey (DJ), DJ Muller is making tremendous strides with her passion in disk jockeying in the Rainbow nation where she among other things produces mix tapes, mixes music at weddings, parties and shows.

DJ Muller whose real name is Elsie Muluti Mwase said that she ventured into disk jockeying business after being motivated by her friend in 2015.

“When I moved to Cape town in 2015, my other friend saw me playing some music on my laptop and then she asked me to mix on her birthday party, she said she had no enough money to afford a DJ and after she saw me how I was playing with a virtual she thought I could help.

“I accepted the offer, though by that time I had no equipment instead the friend hired the sound system from someone else and I mixed the music and the party went on well, I was so excited and after that I started buying my own speakers and other stuff,” DJ Muller said.

She added that, with her career as a DJ she has been empowered to remain financially independent and on top of that she has made connections with other DJs who she shares skills with.

“I have benefited a lot from being a DJ, I have known other DJs including: DJ Blebo K from Malawi who is based in South Africa , DJ Magic Touch from Zimbabwe and DJ Jahpha from Congo who I have learnt a lot of skills from them.

“In addition to that, I have been also empowered to be raising funds which I use to support myself and the needy,” DJ Muller said.

She feels blessed to be able to thrive in the disc jockeying industry is highly dominated by men.

“I feel blessed by being a female DJ because disk jockeying industry is mostly dominated by men, so it is a huge blessing to me because I never had a dream of becoming a DJ it just happened and I believe it is God’s given talent,” she explained.

Muller said that it was challenging to be a female DJ saying that being women are underrated and at times abused by some men.

“Some people think female DJs are not straight and sometimes men take advantage of us especially when we are mixing in clubs and shows,  second  challenge is that being female, people always look down on us they think we cannot do better as a result we miss some opportunities,” she pointed out.

DJ Muller advises fellow women who are pursuing careers that are dominated by men to remain focused in order for them to achieve their goals.

“To be a woman is not a limitation, hence I am encouraging ladies who are doing careers which are dominated by men to accept the challenge and remain focused, God will do the rest,” she advised.

According to her, she envisions remaining an outstanding DJ and get an opportunity to empower and motivate young girls and women to become female DJs in order for them to be financially independent.