Namadingo cuts off aGide

Namadingo and Agide

Musician of the moment and FDH brand ambassador has cut off from veteran, celebrated artist Gides Chalamanda.

Chalamanda had been promised a mini shop, which he will still get in the next two weeks and a housing project but allegedly got duped by one Charles Nkhanga who was using aGide's name to get money from well-wishers.

Namadingo on Wednesday night said: “I have handed over Project Gides to another person who will finish in my absence,” but did not disclose who the person and how capable they are.

This week, Nkhanga took Chalamanda to MIJ radio where he said he could no comment on what FDH had physically done for him pleading for help.

News circulated and questions starting to pop out on whether or not Namadingo was trying to use Chalamanda for his own gains which promoted his team to do investigations of their own.

It transpired Nkhanga was allegedly conning Chalamanda. He received according to his own admission monetary support of over K100,000 but the beneficiary got only K22,000.

Nkhanga and Gides
Nkhanga and Gides

We are going to hand over a grocery mini shop to Mr Gides Chalamanda...I will go to the handover ceremony in two weeks time. I am very happy that we have managed to walk this journey and finally to deliver this structure as well as the 1st stock for the shop.

"God has been good to us and we will continue to be good to others too, for this is the balance of good life,” said the Mapulani star.

Namadingo said his concentration will now be on his recently signed young artist Made-See.