Namadingo turns to rap in quest to hit BET 2021

Patience Namadingo

Trending Malawian musician Patience Namadingo is full of surprises as he has now embraced the rap culture on his new song ‘Adowanna’.

Through the follow up to hit record ‘Mapulani’ Namadingo shows his prowess not just in singing but actually rapping.

Earlier this year he announced plans of becoming the first Malawian artists to hit the Black Entertainment Television (BET) awards next year.

Every year, BET celebrates Black Excellence in arts and entertainment by awarding outstanding performers globally and Namadingo is taking all the routes to his destination seriously.

Namadingo wants to export Malawian music to the world: “I am now fully set to join other African countries in exporting our music to the greatest highlights in the music industry worldwide.”

Fans have praised the song but the video has gotten some negative feedback from some people who have evaluated it and checked up with BET.

Commenting on Facebook Shamila Banda said: “This is a nice song with a very good concept, but to be honest the music video doesn't meet the BET standards

Namadingo’s response was to calm her down saying: “Don't worry... we did not say we are aiming at best music video award. We have other plans. Ma categories ndi mbweee [There are a lot of categories].”

Listen and watch ‘Adowanna’ give us your feedback and reactions:

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