New online video series battles violence against women


Malawians can now watch a locally produced series called ‘Lekani’ which  aims at empowering women and girls to get assistance when they have been ill-treated.

The five-minute per episode series will have 10 to 12 main actor and actresses and will be available on Facebook and YouTube.

Director David Dauda said there will be 12 episodes with the prospects of mainly changing the mindset of the youths.

“Over the past years there has been an increase in moral decadence in terms of suicide, substance abuse, there have been so many social ills that have been going on.

"People have been advocating  for these particular ills to stop but they are on the rise so as a visual communicator I thought it wise that I should come up with a short series aimed at telling people on how to deal with such issues if they happen to you,” he said.


He added: “In terms of substance abuse, we have heard so many things in the media that people are abusing substances talk about alcohol drugs, mostly it’s the youth involved in this, we have heard of our women being raped so we are trying our level best to come and tell the people what they are supposed to do in these type of situation,” the director said.

Dauda said they want to raise awareness as these instances amount to violence.

Watch the first episode: