Phyzix Appreciation Day overshadows Grin’s birthday


It’s a tradition in Malawi, people are often appreciated or praised when they are not listening, precisely when they can breathe no more.

But a new wave, fuelled by social media is attempting to change all that and let people know what they worth while they can still walk these streets.

On Sunday, TwitterMalawi announced that Monday would be #PhyzixAppreciationDay and unsurprisingly, the ‘Cholapitsa’ star was the most trending topic, competing with the issue of the forced retired of Malawi’s Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda, SC.

Phyzix Appreciation day
Socialite Pemphero Mphande shows his appreciation

Phzix’s fellow artists and fans alike like poured in praises for the local hip-hop artist.

Messages to musician/banker seemed to drown out the fact that another hip hop star, the Nyau King Tay Grin had personally posted a message that it was his birthday.

Some used the day to narrate their first encounters with Phyzix.

Fans describe Phyzix as humble

Yet other fans picked up an inspirational line or two from his rhymes.

Follow rapper Gwamba wrapped it up like this: @Phyzix is someone I can trust with my personal problems. Always willing to help and the most hardworking artist in the country. CHOLAPITSA is the biggest Malawian rap song OF ALL TIME and there is no debate about that.

The incessant Tweets left Phyzix humbled on Tuesday morning.

Phyzix humbled
Phyzix: Every moment is an opportunity to make a difference

The Malawian Hip Hop artist, was born Noel Jack Chikoleka on December 18th. He is a rapper, freestyle artist, songwriter and performer.