Shaban humbled by Africa Magic Viewers' Choice nomination


Director Imran Shaban has said he is humbled to have been nominated for the seventh Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards' (AMVCA) Southern Africa category for his movie The Beautiful Hen Behind Yao Mountain.

In an interview with following the announcement of the nomination on Thursday.

Released in 2019, the film will compete for recognition along with three others from the region-Kukuru by Philippe Talavera, Dalitso by Adam Kabwe and Kwacha by Cassie Kabwita

“First of all, as the writer and director I'm humbled, as for Young Traveler’s theatre we are very very happy because we never expected that out of all the thousands of movies submitted, we could been shortlisted. For us this is a dream come true,” he said.

Shaban said whether the movie wins or not  just being nominated is a great blessing.

He explained the nomination is very important because apart from raising a name as a film maker they are also selling Malawi and its culture beyond the country's borders.

This is not the first nomination for the film. In 2019, the movie, originally a stage play by Shaban’s Young Travelling Theatre, was also nominated for the Southern African Filmmaking competition of the Sotambe Documentary and Arts Film festival in Zambia but did not win.

In the same year, it was screened at the Bayelsa International Film Festival in Nigeria.

Shaban told our reporter they just submitted their film and by God's grace they have been nominated.

Shaban has since called on Malawians to work hard to follow their dreams, pull no punches.

Movie synopsis

The Beautiful Hen Behind Yao Mountain, is tragic love story, set somewhere in Yao land where a young man Amadu falls in love with the ‘beautiful hen’ that is Asuwema, he impregnates her but later learns that she is actually his half-sister.

Devastated by the news, Amadu takes his own life.

Aside from the story of the two love birds, it also quite evident, that the movie is a celebration of Yao music and traditions, that for a long time have remained closeted.

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