Slessor to feature in South Africa's Stogie T compilation


Hip Hop artist Slessor has said inclusion into South African legendary Stogie T compilation album will open doors internationally.

He believes this will also put Malawi on the map.

Slessor was put up in Stogies' "Freestyle Friday" a weekly social media challenge where rappers would submit videos of their freestyles and whosoever was good enough was posted on Stogie's social media pages.

Someone from Stogies' team came across Slessors freestyles and asked him to submit. 

Fast forward, Slessor will be in Stogies' compilation album in which he handpicked the best rappers from African countries.

Names of the other freestylers are being kept under wraps.

"I believe this will open doors for me internationally and Malawi will be put on the map," he said.

Stogie and Slessor conversation

Slessor pointed out Malawi does not have many freestylers right now, but the art form is growing.

He is currently working on his second album called 'Business Unsual'. 

The title track features Hayze Engola and premiered on Made on Monday, September 14, 2020 with popular radio personality Joy Nathu on Malawi Broadcasting Corporations (MBC) 2FM.