TNO back with 'Underrated'


After dropping his album 'Umunthu' in 2017, TNO is back with a new song set to make way for the mixtape he plans to release later on in the year 2020 titled 'Highly Underrated'.

The song has been produced by Sangwani Mkandawire a.k.a Jus Truth, one of the producers that TNO is working with along side a number of producers who were shortlisted for the mixtape production earlier in July 2020.

The song talks about what the world considers as foolishness to be the wisdom of God according to 1st Corinthians 1:18. TNO narrates his life story and testifies of the power of God that has worked in his life.

So far, the song has received positive feedback from several veterans in the Christian Hip Hop community in Malawi:

"The mix and master is really good. I'm impressed. I love it. The content is fire. The Gospel is underated indeed. The flow is melodic and very catchy" - David Kalilani (Malawian CHH Pioneer, Word Alive Pastor).

"I love the beat and the content as well. I am looking forward to the project and I just hope he will keep the mixtape dynamic. I wasn't expecting that he was going to interpret the word "underrated" in such a way. I was surprised" - Suffix (Celebrated Malawian CHH Award Winning Artist).

"Completely this is some new TNO. We have, no pun intended, underrated his capabilities in many ways. The song brings in a whole vibe that a person can relate to and that's part of the beauty that it has brought with the spice of an African vibe on the beat." - A'Chanza (Founder and CEO of Heaven Enterprise Media).

"It's an amazing song. Super lyrics and concept. It's true the word of God is underrated. it's deep, and sounds so good" - Elijah (CFC Radio presenter).

Underrated is set to be released on local websites and online retailers for streaming and downloading on 13 October 2020.