Visual artist Ellis Singano to teach 'soil art' at Festival

Singano's art

Malawi’s visual artist Ellis Singano is posed to host a workshop at the Easter Theatre Festival to impart knowledge on the uniqueness of art.

Singano said there is a tendency by Malawian to forbid themselves from indulging in their passion and that has led to deterioration of arts.

His visual artistry stems from the traditional decoration using pottery. He perfected the way people in the village decorate adding things like glue to make it stick for years.

Ellis Singano
Will be teaching soil art for free: Singano


In an interview with, Singano said: “I am teaching soil art to the people that will come, it will be for free and I will also be doing the backdrop so that people see the uniqueness of the art.

singano's work

“Each and every person is an artist sometimes we forbid ourselves. That’s why I am encouraging those interested to come and participate in the workshop."

So far he does not know anyone who does the kind of artistry he does saying he introduced it in 2000 after seeing there was a need to improve the traditional way of decorating.

singano's work

He called on people to attend pointing out the festival is for Malawians

The Festival takes place on the 3rd to the 5th of April 2020.