Yatuta Chisiza's weaponry to be displayed at military museum

Chisiza's gun

Former cabinet minister during the one party rule of Malawi Congress Party Yatuta Chisiza will have his weapons which he wanted to use to overthrow Kamuzu Banda from power on display at the proposed military museum.

The museum will be in Zomba but details are yet to trickle in on the exact location and where the funding will come from as officials from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife and the military are working on the finer details.

Minister Michael Usi disclosed few details saying he visited for the museum.

Yatuta's weapons will be huge attractions: Usi

During the visit to the proposed site Usi also had audience with military personal on the same who said they want Malawians to have a glimpse into their military's history.

He did say they is more of Chisiza's arsenal and they are being kept at an undisclosed location.

Recent events in particular the anti-Jane Ansah have brought the military closer to the people.

yatuta weapons
Some of Chisiza's weaponry

“These will be huge attractions for Malawians and tourists, you will be amazed,” Usi said.

Who was Yatuta Chisiza


He was Nyasaland African Congress administrative secretary/ Secretary General before going into cabinet as Home Affairs Minister.

The Cabinet Crisis of 1964 led Chisiza to go to exile after resigning from his post over differences with Banda.

Among others, Chisiza was against Banda’s Portuguese connections, increased white people in cabinet.

The Mwanza war of 1967

Chisiza is the architect of the brief stint war dubbed the ‘Mwanza war’ which took place around October of 1967.

Following his stay in exile, recruiting and training to topple the Kamuzu Banda regime Chisiza sneaked into the country with nine of his men and had been staying in the forests sometimes leaving to talk to villagers and chiefs of the possibility of the overthrown of the government.

Malawians had been leaving the country in huge numbers for fear of their lives and Chisiza wanted to use the oppressive rule to buy sympathy from the people.

He had allegedly been financed by the Chinese and had at the time military equipment which was top notch for their time.

Monkeys derail the plan

Historic records show Chisiza and his aide had planned to attack but monkeys in the forest of Neno in Mwanza were disturbed with the presence of the men and they started making noises.

Alarmed by what was happened and unknowing to them of the impending revolt and overthrown of Banda’s government, people informed government officials who sent out search parties.

It is the search parties that discovered that Chisiza and his gorillas, has encamped in the forest and were planning an attack. On the orders of Banda, the military went in and Chisiza was shot with eight others captured and tried in Kangaroo court.

How Chisiza shaped Malawi’s future

Chisiza purpose was to overthrow Banda and in due course this was achieved as his death led to the foundation of the multiparty by the likes of Dr Atati Mpakati who then invited the likes of Chakufwa Chihana and Bakili Muluzi who took up the fight.

Chisiza bravely largely contributed to the coming in of democracy in June of 1993 despite that he was never there to be a part of what he fought for.