All set for Kaunda's autobiography & hymn album launch

Kaunda Billy

Preparations for the launch of legendary musician Billy Kaunda's autobiography and hymn album at Bingu International Convention Center (BICC) on Friday June 4th are at an advanced stage leaving nothing to chance.

Wonderful Mkhutche, biographer and one of the organizers said the preparations are going on fine.

"We have a wonderful and experienced team of organizers. Together, we are running everywhere to make sure things work out as we envision them. We are leaving nothing to chance."

Kaunda is expected to dress up in his old stage costumes and will dish out his old tunes to the audience. 

Mkhutche explained: "People should expect to see the old Billy Kaunda, the one who dressed in Nigerian outfits and singing songs like 'Kumidima' and 'Muyime Kaye'.

The old Billy Kaunda in costume
The old Billy Kaunda in costume

He added that Kaunda has been rehearsing for weeks now and would like to give out the best after missing from the stage for a long time.

In terms of ticket sales, Mkhutche disclosed they are going on fine. 

"The response has been great and I would encourage all to get one in time. If they wait for Friday, they may not be able to make it".