Bushiri promises to take Fatsani movie to Netflix

Bushiri on stage

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri claims he will use his connections to take Fatsani move to Netflix.

He made the promise on Saturday at a screening in Blantyre where he also pledged K20 million to Fatsani Movie crew to help them promote their movie globally

Bushiri—who came to Blantyre to watch the movie accompanied by his partners from South Africa, Germany, Kenya and USA, among others—said he made the donation to affirm his unwavering support for Fatsani movie, specifically, and, generally, the arts sector in the Malawi.

Tears of joy for the main actor
Tears of joy for the main actor 
The actor

His partners, again, complimented him by buying all auctioned Fatsani art works during the night at K3 million.
Through his arts company, Major 1 Records which he started in 2013, Prophet Bushiri supports top Malawian artists among them Rhema, Onesimus and Gwamba.

Leader of Fatsani movie crew, Gift Sukez Sukali hailed Prophet Bushiri and his partners for the gesture.

Sukez and Bushiri

Sukez said this hand will help the movie reach global height as their target is to get it featured on big international streaming platforms such as Netflix, Showmax and Hulu.

Fatsani started a campaign to get the film on Netflix but were told they needed to create the demand first.