Castel Malawi partners Sand Music Festival

Castel MD and Banda pictures by Pemphero Musowa

Castel Malawi has partnered with Sand Music Festival to give ticket buyers a rare branded bottled of Malawi Gin.

Managing Director for Castel Malawi, Herve Milhade said only a limited amounts of the collectible item will be available.

2,000 of the limited bottles are going to ticket buyers and 1,000 will be found on the market.

the rare bottle

Milhade could however not be drawn to mention how much the investment has cost them.

“I can’t tell you exactly the amount we are going to put in the partnership,” before pointing out for them it is about the spirit of it.

Milhade: We are about the spirit of Malawi

“We are going to be there for the coming years because we want to partner in the future, we want to share the values and views, the joy to recover after a very difficult year in the recent past,” the MD said.

He said going forward, they will evaluate how to expand their partnership. “You know for some years now Castel Malawi has suffered a lot, now this year we are recovering and then it’s probably time for Castel Malawi to give and to feed back to its consumers and society and then we are going to be there just to allow people to have this kind of oxygen and respiration and have fun.”

Sand Music Festival Director, Lucius Banda said they have come from far and to have their own logo on the legendary brand Malawi Gin is unfathomable.

Banda pointed out the support by Castel Malawi is rare saying more companies should emulate.


“It’s such a huge honour for Sand Music Festival looking at where we have come from to find that we can reach point that we have our logo put on a huge brand, very old brand, a legendary brand it can never be better than that.”

He stated the festival is important to the culture and economy citing estimates of how much litres of fuel, amounts of airtime, chickens, rice, beer is consumed; rooms at lodges, and hotels calling on such brands behind them to come support local talent.

This year the festival has lined up to 54 local acts and will honour the fallen legend Wambali Mkandawire on the main stage. There will be his portrait on the backdrop.

The big three

Gramp Morgan, Mr P, Makhadzi, Sipho Makhabane are among the big headline acts for this year.

Banda said performances will start from 10 am after aerobics.