Cosoma seizes about 150 'pirating gadgets' in Kasungu

The seized equipment

Copyright Society of Malawi (Cosoma) has seized 147 gadgets that enabled illegal transferring, photocopying, distribution and public performance of other people’s creative works during an operation in Kasungu.

The seized equipment comprised of 130 computers, 12 printers and bar equipment including stabilisers and seven speakers.

Licencing manager at Cosoma, Mutty Mukhondiya said the raids have been intensified because the 2020-2021 financial year is coming to an end in June and from July 2021 people have to start paying up for the next financial year. 

Mukhondiya said: “We are trying to end this habit of using other people's work for selfish gains while the owner profits nothing.

"A lot of artists in Malawi do not really benefit financially from their work, and it has only gotten worse with the Covid-19 pandemic, as artists cannot perform thus killing their income generation, it is now more than ever that we as COSOMA are tirelessly making sure the artists get as much from the infringers."

The operation which was conducted from 15th to 19th March was done in Madisi, Chinkhoma, Kasungu Boma, Nkhamenya and Chatoloma Chitete, Gundani, Kasalika, Chiteyeye, Kasankha, Juma, 4 Ways, Linga, Chulu to enforce copyright laws.

According to the Copyright Act 2016, Section 95 and 96(2), COSOMA Inspectors may enter any premises whether in a ship, aircraft, shop or vehicle and upon production of his certificate of identification seize and detain any substance or article which he/she has reasonable cause to believe to be infringing any copyright work.