Eli Njuchi serves 'Confess' visuals

Eli Njuchi

It is always quiet before the storm and that is true for Eli Njuchi who after launching his 'Book of Eli' album in December is now serving visuals for his song 'Confess'.

From his childhood dream and impetus on camera saying he has work for people coming. To ending up in a filled up Robin's Park hall with phone lighters and an emotional sing-along the visuals of 'Confess' tell a story of a young superstar.

It's a journey of his life sporting KQNR merchandise, a true testament of how we  can all conquer. 


To top it all up, Hayze Engolah himself, brand owner, award winning hustler makes a cameo appearance. (Who said two greats cannot coexist).

Then there is unseen behind the scenes footage, studio session which all gives a glimpse into Eli Njuchi's work ethic.

Hayze Engolah 

One viewer on Twitter Malawi going by the handle CitaTiny said she wanted Eli Njuchi to also include the painful moments he has had to go through. 

Dope visuals🔥🔥 nice concept, I wish there was an additional of pain/struggle visuals koyambilila to reflect the pain that is in the first verse. But all in all🔥🐝🐝

— CeehiVe🐝🐺💡♥️🇲🇼 (@CintaTiny) April 14, 2021