Exclusive: Hayze Engolah & Eli Njuchi carve own path in history

Hayze Engolah x Eli Njuchi

Hip Hop artist Hayze Engolah and Eli Njuchi have come together for what will likely be a historical record of this generation.

Ironically the song is titled ‘History’ and comes out on May 14, which is Kamuzu Day. 

Engolah in an exclusive interview said Kamuzu Day is of particular significance because it is a day of celebration for one of Malawi's founding founders Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

‘History’ will definitely judge Engolah and Eli but they are writing their own paths as Engolah explained: “The song is about a celebration of Malawian culture and obviously celebration of my career personally and Eli’s careers personally and our ambitions as artist.

“So basically, it’s just a celebration pretty much of great Malawian’s artists and the efforts we have made to come this far, as an industry whether its sports, music or whatever it is.”

The official artwork for the record ‘History’ has a lot of famous and notable names which prompted us to ask relevance: “Most of the names that are there, some are dead, some are retired.

The artwork

"The reason why my name and Eli are there in gold is because it is our song and it is a representation of what is happening now; the things that my career, Eli’s career, what KQNR is doing basically it’s a celebration of that right now.”

The video for the song was already shot and we can confirm it was done the same day they finished shooting Eli’s latest video ‘Confess’. 

Eli x Engolah on set
Eli Njuchi and Hayze Engolah on set at KQNR  store

“I can tell you that we shot ‘History’ and ‘Confess’ on the same day. Well Eli, Vinny and the crew were shooting ‘Confess’ that week so the last shots happened to be at the KQNOR store so we kind of shot two videos in one day, pretty much,” he said.

Engolah disclosed there is a lot more in store for fans with his album coming out end this year.

"Expect a lot more projects," the 2020 Malawi Hip Hop Awards hustler of the year winner said.