Khala praises jazz partnership with Sparc

Sparc Jazz sessions

Top Lilongwe entertainment joint Khala, formerly Chameleon has applauded its partnership with ICT solutions provider, Sparc Systems Limited for introducing Jazz sessions every Sunday.

The club's owner Thoko Kaunda has commended Sparc saying it has brought life to the place following its refurbishment.

"Since they [Sparc] got on board we have seen a metal repositioning of our space into a more corporate and serious space as opposed to just a bar. We have seen people view as in the category of Sunbird and the like.

Sparc jazz
Fans captured at the Jazz session at Khala 

"We need to have more micro systems of support like the Sparc and Khala ventures so we can support each other the way spark has done with us. We like to applaud Sparc team for the continual support they are giving our venue," he said.

Kaunda said jazz sessions have been terrific as they start in the afternoon before winding late in the night [around 10pm] when a DJ or another act takes over.

He also announced plans to host an event with Jazz phenomenon’s such as Erick Paliani.

Recently, Sparc Systems head of sales and marketing Harry Kasandala said the shows are free for jazz lovers and music fans.

"We engage with our Lilongwe-based customers through jazz. Of course 2020 was a difficult year for most people and Jazz provided a platform for relaxing to our customers and their families. Every Sunday it is guaranteed an evening of Jazz music on stage with," he said.

Khala is situated along the Presidential Drive in Lilongwe and is in the same compound with Four Seasons.