Kuimba 12 singles to be finally released


It has been a long road for Kuimba 12 singles to see the light of day following postponement to release them due to COVID-19 but in three weeks’ time, fans will hear reggae music again.

In 2020, the group announced they will put out the album but had to push it back saying people were more concerned with the pandemic than music.

That misplaced attention led to the reggae outfit to announce only three singles will be out before the end of the year only to postpone yet again.

Anjilu Fumulani, band leader said the songs deal with everyday issues concerning love, faith among other societial issues.

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The peoples band on stage

Speaking on the album, Fumulani said they are currently working on a few things to make sure the album comes out perfect.

People should expect to hear different sounds from the group as they have made improvement and changes.