MaBlacks not backing down on live performances

Black Missionaries Band

Local reggae band, the Black Missionaries have said they will not stop holding live shows as it is their means of survival despite the raging coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

The band’s leader, Anjiru Fumulani made the remarks during their live show on Sunday night at Club 24/7 at Kameza roundabout in Blantyre.

Black Missionaries, fondly called ‘Ma Blacks’ lined up a number of shows in Zomba, Balaka and Blantyre during Easter holiday, but all were cancelled apart from the Kameza one.

Initially, the band cancelled all shows after being approached by authorities against hosting such shows in the wake of the pandemic and in line with the COVID-19 restrictions set by the Government.

But on Sunday, they announced that the show was on after some consultations with relevant authorities, a thing which attracted a moderate number of patrons.

“As Black Missionaries, we are back on stage and we will be at Ozone in Machinjiri next week. Whether we will be singing during day hours, but you should know that we are back on stage, and this time we are not backing down. Our friends in some sectors like politics, football are enjoying their normal life, while we have to bear the burden being at home for almost a year now. This is where we get our bread to support our families. We have struggled,” he said.

A senior member of the band, Anthony Makondetsa then used the platform to preach against the virus and urged patrons to observe the preventive measures, while advising them to also go for vaccination.

“It is important that we all go for the vaccine. We are heading there on Tuesday. Let us remember that we still have the virus amongst us and it kills,” Makondetsa said.

The show started at around 2:30 pm with performances from Moda Fumulani, Yanjanani Chumbu, and Khonzie Masimbe, before Makondetsa took over the mic doing his old songs like ‘Zimatiwawa’ and ‘Ambuye wanga musanditaye’ before dashing the latest ones, including ‘Ndagwira Mbendera’, ‘Philladephia’, ‘Ndidzakasimba’ and others.

At around 7:45, the stage owners, Ma Blacks took over doing a number of tracks including Evison Matafale’s ‘Wasesereka’, ‘Yang’ana nkhope’ and others before the police stopped them at around 10 doing ‘Salimo’.

Artists have blamed government for playing double standards in enforcing the COVID-19 restrictions as politicians have been seen conducting rallies without regard to the restrictions during the by-elections campaign lately.