Made See continues to show potential, drops 'Nthawi'

Made See

Recently minted millionaire up and coming artist Made See is certainly using the happenings around him to prove he is musician to reckon with.

As a follow up to independently released 'Complaining' Made See just dropped a video for 'Nthawi' (Time).

The reggae dub sees the budding artist give a glimpse into everyday ordinary life for a struggling young Malawian child. 

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The setting of the song is a reflection of poverty, hunger as Made See takes care of his siblings in the video cooking porridge and going on errands sometimes literally begging for handouts or looking for scraps.

The composition, lyrical arrangement has gotten the young artist praise.

Made See's message reverberates with many as his subject talks about how being poor is the worst thing that can happen to anyone in this world. 

His slight reference to the Biblical words which say there is a time for everything will also certainly hit a cord with older and religious sections.

Music enthusiast Roy Chabwera commenting on YouTube said Made See has shown potential.