Made See stirs debate

Made See and Namadingo

Malawians on Social media are weighing in over the trending allegations by up and coming artist, Made See that he was booted out of NamaArtists, an imprint of Patience Namadingo.

In a viral clip that is circulating online, Made See also claims he never got any money from Namadingo.

He insinuated big name artists exploit young artists as the person behind the camera called out Namadingo by name. He further goes on to say bigger artists do not have good intentions.

“What I have experienced after my encounter with the famous musician is not what I expected, these people are greedy. After my meeting with him I thought my life would change but it has not been the case,” he lamented.

The ‘Ma Plan’ artist is yet to comment and address fans regarding the precarious situation.

Namadingo started promoting the youthful artist whose real name is Medson Kapeni last year using his influence as a brand ambassador for FDH Bank to facilitate a move that saw the financial institution coughing K2 million towards Made See’s education and music.

The bone of contention is allegedly a clause in the contract which said Made See has to pass in school else he loses musical support. It is reported Made See failed his part of the contract and his album has had to be pushed back and seemingly scrapped altogether now that he has told the nation he was booted out as NamaArtist.

Two schools of thought have emerged with others calling out Made See as a prodigal child while others are backing him claiming Namadingo issues have been shrouded in controversies looking at the Gides Chalamanda issue where it came out in public he was using the old musician for his own gains.

Commenting, Kelvin Sulungwe of Akometsi backed Made See saying Namadingo should have helped the boy in his music carrier and not with his education.

“The boy Made See went to Namadingo to seek music direction and help, but it was decided he gets school help, something he had already failed before turning to talent.

"This did not happen in silence, it was all over social media, taking him from shop to shop, and introducing him to life that they knew would be temporary.

“Namadingo benefited from that story. It pushed his public image and even contributed to him being awarded that honorary 'Dr.' title. Now the boy speaks out on failed dreams, you are here accusing him of being ungrateful, to what? Is it not his face and story that was used to paint those helping him as ‘good people'?” he said.

Moses Nkhawiche concurred with Sulungwe pointing out nurturing the Made See’s talent is all that matters most.

“They were supposed to support and nurture the boy's talent, and not imposing their own 'school mentality’ on him. Most of the successful artists in life are school dropouts. It's time we learn to give people what they actually ask for, not what we think is right for them. There is no correlation between success and education,” he said.

Other people are backing up Namadingo saying he made the right decision by taking the boy to school.

Cassim Njawala said: “I can see someone is behind this, Dr being the big brand in Malawi and SADC region, some people are having sleepless night against Namadingo. He did what every good guardian was supposed to do.”