Malawi's NyaUyu & Zambia's Ken Dumbo struggle to justify staged relationship


Malawi’s female comedian Felistus ‘NyaUyu’ Ngwira and Zambian Emmanuel ‘Ken Dumbo’ Ndeya are finding it hard to convince fans that their relationship was fake.

The two faked a love proposal and have been portraying a serious relationship to the public since Valentine’s day when pictures were all over social media showing Dumbo proposing marriage to Nyauyu.

But two days ago, Dumbo posted on his Facebook page to his over 500,000 followers that it was just part of entertainment, and Nyauyu has also confirmed through a video on her Facebook page.

NyaUyu shows off her ring
NyaUyu shows off her ring in the photo posted on her Facebook wall

After discovering that it is getting hard to convince people about their comedy stunt, NyaUyu justified the move saying it was not her but the NyaUyu and Dumbo characters as comedians proposing love to each other.

“I know we look good together but you know growing up I watched Ramsey Noah and Genevieve they were always close and we thought maybe they were an item but it was just acting.

S"there is Felistus and people have to differentiate NyaUyu and Felistus, I went there as NyaUyu and he was coming in as Ken Dumbo, so it’s like two entertainers came together but Ken Dumbo has his life as Emmanuel and Felistus Ngwira has her life as well.

“Just because Nyauyu and Ken Dumbo had a game plan and came together and they were in love where everything was beautiful doesn’t mean we are dating, we are just working as professionals,” added Nyauyu.

This has left some of their followers’ heartbroken as they believed it was real, now that they have publicly said it was part of entertainment some say will never trust comedians again.

“All we know is you are engaged to vilekeke queen who happens to be my niece…we have already started preparing for the wedding which you told us on Muvi TV that it will happen in November and whether you like it or not it will happen, case closed,” said one of the fans.

Meanwhile, Dumbo has apologised again to the fans saying they sacrificed their emotions over the whole stunt.