Mastol steals hearts with 'Make Up'


Packed with a strong message to change how women are viewed regardless of whether make-up is in play or not, Mastol’s new single has grabbed attention of music fans across the country.

The single premiered last Monday has been receiving positive feedback as evidenced by downloads and conversations in line with the song.

Aligned with this year’s international women commemoration’s theme 'Choose to Challenge' the single highlights the need to challenge seeing make-up as imperfections but rather to embrace women regardless of whether they choose to wear make-up or not as it compliments natural beauty.

“I believe women should feel comfortable in their skin with or without make-up.

“Women continue to be under-represented at every level in the society while enduring issues they face in modern society,” he said.

Having poured out his heart in the single to honour women, he expressed ultimate surprise by the positive feedback the song has received thus far.

“In all honesty, I never expected to have such a great response to the song he said”
Make-up features the original mash-up sensational artist Joe Kellz and has been produced by Cozizwa. Mastol real name Massah Topola has worked with notable names in the industry such as Mista grey with whom they collaborated on an album dubbed 'Ana Awa'.

Mastol shot to fame on the airwaves for his songs 'Anakonza' and 'Kambuzi kali M'khonde' respectively.