Meet flexible Felicity, a Malawian contortionist

Felicity Thunyani

Pictures of Felicity 'Flex' Thunyani (FT) flexing and contorting her body are perplexing people on social media platforms including Twitter. "Is this magic," asked one,  "Do you have bones," wondered another.'s Mirriam Singini (MS) bumped into her profile too and decided to get in touch. This is how the chat went.

MS: Who are you?

FT: Felicity Thunyani was born in 1999 on February 3 and is the first born child in a family of three. I'm studying for a Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies at Polytechnic's Continuing Education Center.

Felicity Thunyani
 Felicity showcasing her skills 

MS: When did you start body twisting?

FT: I started body twisting in 2018. I am a contortionist and I also practice and train people in yoga.

MS: What inspired you to start doing this?

FT: Nobody inspired me. It is just a skill I think I was born with. When I was a kid my mom and grandmother always said I was flexible. When visitors came they could call me to showcase something to them. Whenever I would play with my friends I would also showcase but just for fun, nothing serious. But when I turned 19, I said maybe I should get serious with this thing. I can’t just be flexible all the way since I was seven up to now for nothing. So one day, my friend and I were playing around, we took a picture posted it on Facebook and people loved it so that’s when I started practicing seriously.

MS: Any benefits you get from what you do? 

FT: Yoga has a lot of healthy benefits like it eases physical tension, strengthens your body, relieves stress, helps your spiritual life, helps your mind focus and a lot more so I practice yoga to help improve my contortionism.

MS: Any challenges you have faced so far upon showcasing your skills?:

FT: I haven’t noticed any challenges yet.

MS: Where do you want to take yourself and your skills to?

FT: I’m still practicing to take myself to international levels in terms of the art of contortion on the other hand yoga is my way of life.

Felicity Thunyani

Well, this is how our chat went, if you have anything to ask or to know about Felicity you can drop your comment in the comment box.