Namadingo and Tay Grin in 'Lalala' land

Namadingo and Tay Grin

Patience Namadingo and Tay Grin have have been the talk of the week and they are channeling all their emotions on a new collaborative effort 'Lalala'.

The two are using their controversy to make music. 

Singing: “Ena azavomela koma too late (lalala)/Kuti mwana uja ndi dolo (lalala)/Koma too late (lalala)/too late (lalala)” 

Namadingo claimed he was leaving Malawi for Zambia after losing out on a mock poll to Onesimus and took a huge fan base hit over his Facebok post.

He also took shots from his former protege 'Med C' who said Namadingo was only dressing him up but didn't want to help him with his music career. 

Tay Grin on the other hand got roasted for claiming he is the first Malawian artist to make an appearance on New York Times Square billboard.

The two paired up and talk of how people have them for their achievements. 

Namadingo went on to claim the fact that he is a doctor makes it worse but he is getting money.

Grin, know for his usual pomp rapped about how he is representing Malawi abroad.

He did mention his billboard status while doing the braggadocio. 

Several commentators have voiced their opinion saying Namadingo should grow up and let the past go.

Others have said as an artist, emotions drive the creativity and both artists are not wrong to go that path.