Namadingo moves to Zambia, fans react

 Namadingo leaving Malawi

Musician Patience Namadingo says he has left Malawi for good for Zambia over what describes as jealousy and a lack of appreciation for the star that he has become.

The announcement coincides with a poll over who holds the fire (Ali ndi machesi ndani) to Malawian music conducted by Mikozi Network.

The poll by the entertainment site Mikozi done on Sunday put Malawian South Africa-based Onesimus on top with 1,342 votes while Namadingo come second with 654 votes and this did not sit well with him.

Posting on his verified Facebook page of 700,000 followers, Namadingo said he is hated by his own people and has decided to leave because the negative energy of Malawians is too much and it can kill his career.

Imagine being very hated by most of your people. and being very loved by God. What success can do in a jealousy infested place. Joseph became prime minister of Egypt, not in his country. Time to go permanently," he said positing a flag of Zambia next to his remarks

"The negative energy is too much, it can kill a career if not careful. Tidzaonana. Is it a Crime to be number 1 kwanu kuno? Genesis 41:1-57 – Joseph’s Elevation to Power."

Namadingo and his team have been brilliant strategists in marketing for clicks and impression getting over 14K in 4 hours comments within an hour but the people have ousted him.

Anganga Beatie Mpalume lamented: "Tinkakukondani Koma Mwatichotsa Chilakolako..Osamusiyila Mulungu Bwanj? Dziko Lapamsi Ngat Linamuda Mwana Wa Mulungu Inu Ndiyani? Khondo Zanu Mwaona Kut Mutha Kumenya Nokha? [We used to love you but now you have removed our..Why canyou not leave it up to God? This is earth and if it hated on the son of God who are you? You have seen that you can fight your own battles?

Maria Muhapateya reminded Namadingo: “You are who you because of those people you say they are hating you. Without your fellow Malawians you would have not be known outside nde pitani baba muzatipeza oooh and panalinso ena analakhula mau ngati mwalakhulawo anapita koma anabwelakotu tili nao dziko lomweli.Mpaka kwanu kuno?? [You can go, you will find us. There used to be others who spoke like how you have spoken, they went and came back while we are in the same country].

Mtende Wa Yehova went into data crunching saying less than 300,000 Malawians are active on social media out of 19 million people.

"This decision is childish. If not, it is a decision made out of arrogance. Take criticism positively and as a stepping stone towards making you a better person. You get gold only after heavy fire to purify it!!"

Andrew Cane Chilapondwa could not fully understand and asked: “Doc why???

Others who have commented were less receptive like Kondwani Issa told him: “Bon Voyage."

Recently his executive manager Peter Mazunda left to focus on farming and photography but the recent outburst has prompted some of fans to ask him back.

Thom Lu wen on to say: “Dr you're too big to have time to respond to the post my Mikozi. Why are you stooping so low? Why are u being small minded. Please grow up. Ask Mr Mazunda to come back and start managing your page again.

Renowned producer Dumisani Blage Moyo disputed comments that Mikozi, which initiated the whole thing is bigger than Namadingo asking Which artists has Mikozi made?

“Namadingos audience is a kind of audience that can buy his music. While Mikozi is for kids born in the 2000s who are still living under their parents’ roof and are mostly using freemode if their parents did not give them money for data that day. Mikozi can only market a brand to their audience not create one. Study again chief," Blage responded.