New video: Gwamba reconnects with Martse on 'Bwanji'

Gwamba and Martse

For a while it seemed like they would never be on par again but Gospel artist Gwamba and secular rapper Martse have finale rekindled their bromance on the microphone. 

The two have previously worked together on songs such as Zimuvuta

At 10 o'clock on Monday, May 10 the two released the audio visual for their song 'Bwanji'

The two have embraced Drill music on 'Bwanji' asking the devil what his problems is.

They speak of health and wealth and question why the devil is always coming in to fumble the bag.

Gwamba raps about having a lot of friends but feeling lonely.

Having doubts and wanting to give up on life but God giving him strength in all trials and tribulations. 

Martse on the other hand describes his journey as he got sick, and having to rely on medical drugs to feel better.

He sort of pictures himself as the modern day Biblical Job who went downhill only to bounce back.

He denounces the devils as bad and calls God his father who died on the cross to deal away with death before breaking off proudly into Tumbuka.