Nyasa Guruz returns with 'Elube'


Malawian Dancehall outfit Nyasa Guruz is working on a project for their comeback after a dead silence in the music industry.

The crew went silent while at the peak of its fame and just after successfully signing to FADA recording rebel of UK.

Nyasa Gurus made headlines for its popular songs like 'Tumpale' a song that made them a household name in early 2000's.

In an interview with Kulinji.com Jones Kwangwani aka Papa said they left the music scene with desire to pursue personal goals.

“The music industry in our time was not paying much as compared to today, so we thought of looking at other areas to how to survive in economic challenges. We were no longer kids, so the pressure of seeing yourself to be self-reliant made us work hard even more.

“Of course music is passion but we need to have a balance, its no secret that sometimes in Malawi you have fame but you lack the fortune while in other countries you have both,” he explained.

For its comeback, Nyasa Guruz is set to release a track titled 'Elube' Friday, April 24th.

"Basically, the song talks about woman's hygiene, the pride of looking natural and not relying much on make up.

“We have high expectations that our fans will love it, we have been promising come back and this is it,” he said.

Kulinji.com understands the original five members will voice on the song excluding one is who is busy with other issues.

Martha Pakula